On the 27th March 2014, the XRT-S funding team submitted our application to the annual fund.

The annual fund is a University of Exeter alumni funded body which awards grants of up to £5,000 to worthy projects the engage students at the university and generally make the university look good. With the lack of any direct funding from the College of Engineering, Mathematics and the Physical sciences we reckon this is our best bet to supply the lion share of the funding towards the project. On the advice of Dr. Chris Brunt in the Astrophysics department and Emma Royle at the Annual fund office, Charlie Beaty and Damian Rumble were able to put together the 7 page appilcation which addressed how the project:

• Impacts a large group of students
• Improves the student experience, or provides opportunities to students • Creates or improves links with the local community
• Has a long-lasting effect on the student experience
• Helps to promote Exeter and raise its profile

We eagerly await the response to our application!