We have some very exciting news! It was officially announced on the 6th July that the International Dark Sky Association have awarded Bodmin Moor in Cornwall International Dark Sky Landscape Status. It’s thanks to over a year’s worth of campaigning, sky brightness testing and paperwork on the part of the local observatories and Cornwall County Council that this title has been bestowed upon the area. This designation means that humanity will be able to observe the majesty of the night sky from Bodmin Moor for generations to come.

We are incredibly proud to have done a small part to help this process by providing a letter of support on behalf of the Exeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C) and Space Exe that was included as part of the proposal. It is our aim within XRT-C and Space Exe to encourage as much participation in space science and astronomy as possible because, as the great Carl Sagan said, “The cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths”. This designation bestowed upon the area allows us to continue doing just that.

If you’d like to know a little more about the designation, you can find it on the Cornwall County Council website here, and the application can be found here. We have a short video in the works about the event and the designation, so we’ll update the post when it goes live.


The video is now live, and embedded below. Hope you enjoy.