On April 21st the XRT-S team joined Caradon observatory for their Open Day event.

We met lots of people from the community and had the opportunity to talk about the project with a wide range of people. We also got to have a look around the observatory and do some observing of our own looking at the Sun and later at Jupiter and its four main moons.

Fortunately the weather broke during the daytime, allowing us to set up the 60mm Solarmax on a tracking mount.


The XRT-S team once again engaged in biscuit decorating, which has proven to be a fun and interesting way to get people involved with the promise of an icing covered biscuit at the end. You can find a number of pictures taken by Michael Bennett of our Galactic Biscuits here: XRT-S Galactic Biscuits Gallery 

There is also a gallery of the day on our Facebook page here: Caradon Observatory Open Day