This project is not just about the end result and the science we can eventually do but also about how we get there. Over the next year the outreach team will be working with each of our groups to present the run-up campaign taking a look behind-the-scenes of design, logistics and science of Exeter Radio Telescope Station.

Team Leader

Hannah Osborne (4th Year Astrophysics Undergraduate) – hlmo201 at exeter.ac.uk

Team members

Laura Moore
Sam Morrell
Elisabeth Matthews

Bodmin Moor Receives Dark Sky Landscape Designation

23 July 2017

We have some very exciting news! It was officially announced on the 6th July that the International Dark Sky Association have awarded Bodmin Moor in Cornwall International Dark Sky Landscape Status. It’s thanks to over a year’s worth of campaigning, sky brightness testing and paperwork on the part of the local observatories and Cornwall County…READ MORE

PC and software

30 April 2015

We recently took delivery of the telescope PC. The end result is for this PC to be housed in the telescope control room but for the time being it will be set up at the University of Exeter for installation and testing. This is a relatively simple machine as the Spectracyber and dish positioning software…READ MORE

Observing the Solar Eclipse

23 March 2015

Astronomy madness swept the nation last Thursday due to the last solar eclipse visible from the UK until 2026. Our previous head of Outreach and PR, Hannah Wakeford, hosted a special episode of the Science Hour on Xpression FM and organised an amazing viewing event to celebrate the occasion. We couldn’t resist going along. For anyone…READ MORE

Two Project Members Elected to UKSEDS Committee

04 March 2015

We are pleased to announce that two of our project members have been elected onto the UKSEDS committee at the society AGM on 1st March. Hannah Osborne will be taking on the role of Outreach Officer, while Elisabeth Matthews will be the Public Relations Officer.                    …READ MORE


03 March 2015

This weekend, delegates from the XRT-C team went to the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference. This is an annual meeting of students from astronomy and space societies across the country, featuring various astrophysics big names, and this year even an engineering model of the Mars Rover! The weekend started at 5:30am, with the seven sleepy…READ MORE

XRT-C Frequently Asked Questions #1

14 January 2015

Last year was a great year for the XRT-C project. We finally found a home for our telescope, secured enough funding to keep the project running and got some of the components bought and ordered in preparation for construction later this year. While attending outreach events, there’s been nothing we enjoy more than interacting with…READ MORE

IOP Festival of Physics 2014

01 December 2014

  On Saturday the 22nd of November XRT-C took part in the IOP Physics festival here at Exeter University. Various members from our Outreach, Press and Publicity and Science teams were at our stall raising awareness for our project. Throughout the day we spoke to many interested members of the public about the project, also…READ MORE

Sidmouth Science Festival 2014

31 October 2014

On Saturday 18th October a few other XRT-C members and I went to Sidmouth to participate in a local science fair. While talking to interested people about our project, we decorated biscuits with icing to look like various galaxies. We wanted to raise awareness of our project and needless to say, the pretty pictures and…READ MORE

Important – Project schedule update

29 April 2014

The XRT-Station project has taken some important steps forward over the last few weeks. The Team leadership have been taking this recent progress as a chance step back and review the progress of the project. Back in November last year we composed a plan for the project. By May we were hoping to have secured…READ MORE

Caradon Observatory Open Day

28 April 2014

On April 21st the XRT-S team joined Caradon observatory for their Open Day event. We met lots of people from the community and had the opportunity to talk about the project with a wide range of people. We also got to have a look around the observatory and do some observing of our own looking…READ MORE

The Science Hour on XpressionFM – Week 8

26 March 2014

 Week 8 of The Science Hour on XpressionFM Hannah Wakeford and Gareth Jones are joined in the XpressionFM studio by Damian Rumble and Benjamin Drummond from the Exeter Radio Telescope Station (XRT-S) a student run project to design, build, and operate their own radio telescope. Damian is one of the projects leaders with Ben as…READ MORE

Information to you: outreach and promotion of the project

18 March 2014

It is always a challenge to get the balance right between too much and too little information when designing a poster or any promotional material for a project or idea. The outreach team have been busy with a number of different activities where this balance becomes very important. This website is an example of a place…READ MORE