Press & Publicity

Press and publicity is about making sure that all the exciting things going on in the project aren’t kept to ourselves, so others can see how we’ve gone about building our telescope. So we’ll be working with all the teams to keep the website and twitter up to date, as well as producing leaflets and posters to support outreach.

XRT-C Featured in A&G

01 October 2018

We’ve been sat on this for a little while now, so we’re excited to finally be able to share it. Earlier this year I was contacted by the editor of the Royal Astronomical Society magasinze, Astronomy and Geophysics, about writing a feature on radio astronomy and the XRT-C project. Additionally, we wanted to work in…READ MORE

Cornish Skies in Autumn

04 October 2016

One of the myriad reasons that we opted to build the telescope at Caradon observatory was the possibility of coordinating with the optical telescopes on site and producing simultaneous data in both the visible and radio. Although 21cm emission itself is not effected by the skyglow of nearby civilisation, the optical observatories on the site are. This is…READ MORE

Press Release

27 March 2015

The press release sent out earlier this month is attached below. Any press related enquiries should be sent to XRT-C Press Release

Two Project Members Elected to UKSEDS Committee

04 March 2015

We are pleased to announce that two of our project members have been elected onto the UKSEDS committee at the society AGM on 1st March. Hannah Osborne will be taking on the role of Outreach Officer, while Elisabeth Matthews will be the Public Relations Officer.                    …READ MORE

UKSEDS Best Project Award goes to…. XRT-C!

03 March 2015

This was the first year that the National Student Space Conference included an awards ceremony, and we’re pleased to say that we won the first ever UKSEDS “Best Project” award! It really is a testament to all of the hard work that the committee have been putting in over the last year and a half,…READ MORE


03 March 2015

This weekend, delegates from the XRT-C team went to the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference. This is an annual meeting of students from astronomy and space societies across the country, featuring various astrophysics big names, and this year even an engineering model of the Mars Rover! The weekend started at 5:30am, with the seven sleepy…READ MORE