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XRT-C Site Visit: 18th November 2018

24 November 2018

The project has been plagued by a number of electrical issues of late. The main problem is that the elevation axis of the motor drive that positions the dish has been unable point. We’d initially put this down to improper torque being applied to the counterweight. However, the curious part about this is that the…READ MORE

Wiring the Rotor – Part 1

25 February 2016

In our previous post, we discussed our progress with deciding on a theoretically sound signal chain. Before we cain finally achieve first light on this project, there is one more major electronics issue that needs to be tackled. This problem, although far less important than actually getting signal from the feed horn, could be far…READ MORE

Build Day 5 and 6 – The Motor and the Dish

29 October 2015

On the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October, two groups of people, headed by Freya, went down to Cornwall to make a large push toward completing construction of the radio telescope. On the Saturday,┬áthe struts were assembled together into the framework for the dish. The team also put in plenty of hard work…READ MORE