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XRT-C Frequently Asked Questions #1

14 January 2015

Last year was a great year for the XRT-C project. We finally found a home for our telescope, secured enough funding to keep the project running and got some of the components bought and ordered in preparation for construction later this year. While attending outreach events, there‚Äôs been nothing we enjoy more than interacting with…READ MORE

Sidmouth Science Festival 2014

31 October 2014

On Saturday 18th October a few other XRT-C members and I went to Sidmouth to participate in a local science fair. While talking to interested people about our project, we decorated biscuits with icing to look like various galaxies. We wanted to raise awareness of our project and needless to say, the pretty pictures and…READ MORE

Our View to the Centre of the Galaxy

14 March 2014

Black holes are notoriously difficult to observe, so most of the evidence for a black hole is based on its influence on the surrounding area; rather than direct observations of the black holes themselves. Astronomers can study how objects around the black hole, such as gas clouds and stars, are affected by its strong gravity…READ MORE

The Hydrogen Line V: Dark Matter

10 March 2014

In the last post we talked about using Newtons theory of gravity to calculate the mass of the Milky Way using the velocity of hydrogen clouds which we can measure with XRT-S. An example of this data from another similar project is shown below. This is called a rotation curve and plots the measured orbital…READ MORE