On March 7th the Dish arrived at Caradon Observatory from RF Hamdesign (in the Netherlands). The team paid a visit to survey the instrument and catch up with Ken, the owner of Caradon.

The dish at arrival.

The dish at arrival.

The dish arrived as series of large boxes. Inside we found the kit and components needed to assemble the 4.5m dish.



The kit nominally included the following:

Whilst the kit is clearly designed to be assembled with the minimal tools, some will be required so we have asked procurement team to investigate borrowing these from the workshop at the University of Exeter. Engineering team expect that cutting the mesh into shapes, affixing it to the ribs, and assembling the ribs will take 1 to 2 weekends of time, and then a further weekend to put everything together on top on the telescope base and stand.

It is worth noting that the kit does not include a counter weight, engineering team are currently working on a design for this.